more than just image

What's PhD about?

As a pro photographer, I bring 40 years of know-how, proficiency, knowledge, technical and artistic skills, experience and passion to the work I do.

Youreceive the highest quality work that I can produce.

I use high quality professional camera gear (Canon and Hasselblad camera systems) and shoot in both digital and analogue film, because I want to deliver the best quality for you, using current technologies in combination with traditional techniques and approaches.

My influences have always been the world of art, craft, music and literature, as well as other photographers and artists, combined with my own aesthetic.

I am a member of the Australian Institute Professional Photographers (AIPP) and also Canon Professional Services (CPS) membership, as well as being the current President of the Fine Art Photography Association of South Australia.

I am about more than just image.

Call me.

Paul H

M 0410470309